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Why Should Content be the Forefront of your Marketing Campaign?

Why Should Content be the Forefront of your Marketing Campaign?

Content plays a huge part in online marketing, often without the consumer even realising. It’s a refreshing way of encouraging people to engage and stick with your brand. Blogs not only provide a company with an active voice for their industry but are even a notable business at the minute, with Bloggers building their own brand and earning a healthy wage all through creating content online.


You might be thinking, what is Content Marketing? It’s a marketing tool that is all about producing content that is of both value and interest to your potential customers with the intention of enticing them to engage with your brand whether that be making/reviewing a purchase, signing up to newsletters or simply sharing the content on social media. It’s all about making an impression on a consumer and encouraging them to stick around.
For example, here at Win Media, we created and run a blog for a family and divorce law firm where we create posts on topics such as “The Process and Procedures of Divorce” as well as more chatty posts that allow the reader to get to know the team. Posts like these encourage a call to action, giving advice whilst promoting the service, without ever being being pushy or placing services right in the face of users. Even if people don’t use the firm the company name will always be in the reader’s mind. More personal and chatty posts may not seem relevant to your brand but the addition of a more personal tone can have a massive impact on the image of your company. It makes you look more approachable and if you can make it funny or relatable you are sure to get more people on board with your brand.


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Blogs are a great way of getting your brand name out in the open and the more content you can produce the bigger reach you can achieve. Kare Plus are another client of Win Media, they provide a prime example for why having such an active company blog can pass you real benefit online. The group have a blog where they uploads quick posts and news all related to the care industry. They post articles such as “5 Famous People that didn’t let their disabilities define them” as well as more engaging, fun posts like, “’Brain Training’ video game potentially halves the chances of dementia.” They’re an excellent example of building a site that consumers can check back on, have a light read of whilst also learning things and keeping updated with the latest care news. The website also won an award for Best Service Range at the 2016 Best Business Awards. You can check them out here.


A growing number of businesses are using social media to engage with consumer because, hands down, it’s the most powerful tool that any business owner can use to engage with potential customers and drive revenue growth. And also, it’s free!


Of course, social media can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t grown up around technology like a millennial such as myself and It can understandably be an overwhelming process if you’re not down with the ‘Gram’ or posting a new Snapchat story every two minutes in your personal life. At this point you may want to consider reading your website’s analytics, to see what social media platforms people are coming from to your website and what they’re sharing. Starting a Facebook page? Let everybody know! Give people an incentive to follow you, say the for example the first 1000 people to follow your page receives a discount code or access to an early release. Give people a reason to notice you!



It’s also essential to find a brand voice. If you’re a fashion brand with a young demographic, for example, you might want to create a brand voice they can relate to and mirrors their own in ways. The use of Emoji’s and chatty, informal slang is something i commonly see from brands with a younger audience.


On the other hand, if you’re a brand with an older demographic or promoting a service that more serious you may not want that same brand voice. It’s all about scoping out your audience and finding a tone that you think mirrors that. If it doesn’t you’ll find you won’t be connecting with your potential consumers the way you should be.


Something I think is really going to take off in 2017 is the short clips and tutorials on social media. Buzzfeed have mastered social-sharing and have gone from being mocked to a media giant. One of their pages “Tasty,” which if you haven’t saw it, first of all, where have you been? It’s a page that shares short recipe videos you can watch and they’re some how one of the most captivating things on my Facebook newsfeed. The fact you don’t even need to listen to the sound only adds to the appeal. This kind of content marketing is set to skyrocket in 2017 with more brands getting on board, and rightly so! You can hear me talk more about my love for Tasty on this post.


An argument can be made that social and content marketing are the highest sources of new customer conversions in the modern day. Big brands utilise this strategy effectively, but even local businesses can utilise this valuable tool. At Win Media we help our clients not only stand out online and in their industry, but help them bring their marketing strategy forward to engage with a younger, digitally smarter world.

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