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What Makes Winning Brands

What Makes Winning Brands

Here at Win Media we help to create, build and promote your brand to its highest potential. Weather you’re a small business or established brand that’s need updating to today’s market, we will help you along the way. Understanding brands and consumers needs inside and out, gives us a fully informed approach to creating successful brands.

Your logo is the first thing the consumers will see of your company, so this has to be strong and attractive to your target audience. We here at Win Media, use fonts and colours that reflect your aspirations for your unique business.

Myself as a designer I strive to learn new things everyday, to keep myself up – to -date with current trends. Knowing that I am creating brand new fresh concepts for our clients, not one logo is the same as the last.

Be unique

You and your brand have to stand out from your competitors, so your logo is the key. Make it unique and distinguishable from everyone else.

Understand the brand – research

Firstly we must understand the business niche our client is in, and how you are different from your competitors, what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Know your target audience, and the message you are conveying with your brand

Fully understand how the product your selling, reaches your customer needs.

Sketch it out

After the brand and the brief are understood, and have researched all the key competitors in your field. I will Sketch out any ideas for developing your logos around the brief and research I have gathered.

Winning colours & fonts

Colours are important when branding your business; some of the most recognisable brands are reliant on colour as their key factor. Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent.

Different colours are associated with different meanings, for example:

Blue: Corporate, Professional, Medical, Tranquil, Trustworthy, And Dependable

Green : Growth, Organic, Peaceful, Health, Nature, Wealth

Orange: Cheerful, Confidence, Fun

Yellow : Happy, Friendly, Warm, Positive

Red: Youthful, Bold, Strong, Danger

White : Neutral, Calm

Purple: Sentimental, Sophisticated

Brown: Earthy, Simplicity, Organic, Honesty

Use fonts and colours that reflect your aspirations for your unique business. There is a world of fonts and colours to choose from so make your chooses count. The font you use has to be future proof, be original don’t go for fonts that are used everywhere else. Your logo has a personality and the font helps to convey that, so think about how the font and company can work hand in hand.

Make it memorable

Making a brand memorable doesn’t have to be a intricate logo concept. Simplicity is the key to making a brand memorable. Using wit in logo design is a great way to get that brand noticed, and stick with people. Keep the balance right using a combination of simple and quirky.

Make it future proof

Design trends evolve daily, so your brand has to work for many years staying as strong today as yesterday. Flat colour logos that work in both black and white can stand the test of time.

With a very varied portfolio of work, we have created not only local but national brands. See below some of our most successful brands


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