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What is Front End Web Development

What is Front End Web Development

Front end development is basically what you can see on the web browser you are using.

The main languages that are used for front end development are:

  • HTML5 (hypertext markup language) is the base language to any web application. HTML is used very closely with CSS which provides the styles to the html code. HTML is now in its fifth version many changes have been implemented with HTML the biggest change is probably the integration with javascript to create “canvas”.
  • CSS3 is the newest version of CSS (cascading style sheets). CSS is used for styling for example it can add a background to the website or a new colour to the text on the website. CSS3 has introduced us all to responsive web development which simply means the web application will work on all platforms and all screen sizes.
  • JQUERY is the language that gives an application any sort of functionality. Jquery is javascript framework which simply means it is an easier way to code javascript.
CSS Frameworks

A CSS framework is usually an easier way to code responsive website. The main css framework is Bootstrap and being used world wide. Bootstrap has been tested by the best web developers out there so you know that you can rely on it.

Bootstrap was originally part of twitter and is now a standalone framework every since the third version was introduced. In 2016 the fourth instalment of bootstrap will be introduced and it has been said to be the best one yet as it will be using more HTML5 and CSS3 elements.

There are other CSS frameworks such as zurb foundation however personally I believe it is the poor man’s bootstrap.

One problem with most frameworks is the usability on old browsers such as IE8, 7, 6 and older versions of chrome, safari and firefox.

How Front End Development works with SEO

Front end development works very closely with SEO/SEM. The way in which it works with SEO/SEM is by using the right tags such as

tag for the main header on the page and using h2,h3,h4,h5 and h6 tags throughout the web application to make it more SEO/SEM friendly.

Another way in which front end development works with SEO is the implementation of responsive applications. Ever since mobilegeddon google has required applications to work on all devices from tablets to mobile phones.

How Front End Development works with Design

Front end development works very closely with design as it is putting the design into action and actually making it work on the browser.

CSS is the part of front end development that works with design closer than HTML and javascript because it is based on the look of the application for example if the application required different coloured text or a image as the background CSS would handle these requirements.



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