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The Top 5 Web Development Blogs You Should Be Reading

The Top 5 Web Development Blogs You Should Be Reading

1. Stack overflow

Stack overflow is the most widely known web development blog out there, and the headliner of our 5. The title of best development blog is well earned with it’s great, interactive tutorials and blog pieces which keep you up to date with all the news you could want within the development world. Stack overflow was created in 2008 with the aim of helping anyone from the beginner hobbyist to senior developers with any problems they come across. It offers a range of tutorials and blog posts on coding languages such as HTML5, CSS3, jquery, php and mysql.

One of my personal favouorite pieces on the site was on “How to make a dropdown menu with css”, this is because it was nice and simple and explained the problem and the solution in a way in which a non developer would understand.

2. Tuts+

Tuts Plus is a development blog brought to you by the creators of Themeforest, Envato. Tuts+ offers a wide range of tutorials and blogs for subjects such a web design and development all the way to 3D motion graphics. Tuts+ is a premium service, however they do offer some great free resources such as “What is HTML5?”  which is ideal if you are just starting out in the web development industry. They do offer a free 10 day trial which allows you to view all the premium content, and if you then want to join it comes at a monthly price of $15. While the cost may be steep for the freelancers out there, having the subscription as part of your tools for work and a resource for your team is something I would highly recommend.

3. Treehouse Blog

Treehouse is one of the most widely recognised development blogs because of the wide ranging advertisements they have. Treehouse is a valuable repository of tutorials and blog posts for developers because they offer resources for a wide range of coding languages such as HTML5, CSS, php, mysql and javascript. Similar to tuts+ treehouse is a premium service however they do offer a small amount of free tutorials which you can check out here.


4. Coding Horror

Coding horror sound intimidating, but has been created by the makers of Stack Overflow. What makes Coding Horror different to Stack Overflow is that whilst Stack Overflow offers tutorials from other members, Coding Horror only offers blog posts. However throughout many of the in-depth posts that are published on the site there are tutorials within the content. Coding horror is targeted towards the more experienced developer as they offer a comprehensive range of detailed, and in some cases, quite complicated methods to complete a project. The best feature of Coding Horror is that is free every much like Stack Overflow, so anyone can use it!

A post which stands out to me is this piece on the topic of “does html validation really matter?”. I found this blog piece very informative and gave a lot of brilliant points on why it matters and why is doesn’t.

5. DailyJS

DailyJS is a blog that concentrates on the coding language of Javascript and all of the frameworks such as Jquery. They have a wide range of different blog posts that help you with the development of Javascript applications. When you first get onto the DailyJS website you might not think much of it, as the visuals on the site don’t quite compare to that of the higher budget sites. However but once you look into some of the posts you will realise you were very wrong. The actual content of the site promotes some high quality posts that cover topics that solve real-world Javascript problems. All in all I believe that DailyJS falls short of competing with that of Stack Overflow and Tuts+ as it is limited to its coverage of Javascript. Whilst this may benefit some users looking into topics in-depth, it does not provide a well rounded approach to development.

Personally I think a good example of a high quality piece from this site would be their blog on “Introducing simplemaps” because it offers a way to make maps of the world that can be place into a web page very easily.


There are alot of development blogs out there, from independent developers and from large organisations. At Win Media we strive to stay ahead of the curve researching the latest trends in development and pioneering new approaches to web solutions.

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