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POSTED BY: Charlie Parkes - Content & Social Apprentice
POSTED ON: 20th February 2017

Get to Know the Team | Taran Suri

For this week’s ‘Get to know the team’ I sat down with SEO Specialist, Taran to get to know him a little bit better. I’ve done a few more of these posts on other team members you can check them out here, here and here.


How did you get into SEO?

“Well…I did a sandwich course at Uni so during my placement year I was expecting to be put in an IT firm but I actually ended up being placed at a Marketing department at a logistics firm and started doing SEO from there.” Taran has two degrees in both Computer Science and IT.


You’re known in the office as the self-proficient one. What are your tips for staying organised and keeping on top of your work?

“It’s just my work, I always know what I need to be doing… at the start of the month I take some time to book in all my tasks at once. If Cameron gives me a new task I just book it in my calendar.” Truly inspirational!!

What’s so great about SEO and why is it better than Graphic Design? (Cameron's question!)

“Erm… I don’t want to offend the Graphic Designers but with SEO you have loads of different things that you do… unlike design which is just… designing!”


What’s the most challenging part of your job?

“I’d probably say link building… it’s a long process… You have to find directories that are relevant to the client and it can be difficult… You never know if a site is legit… You can think it is then it gets reported for not staying within Google’s guidelines.”


How do you see SEO progressing in the future? Have there been any significant changes from when you started up until now?

“There’s been a few changes from Google… AD’s used to show up on the right of their results pages, now they show up at the top… I also think there’s going to be a huge shift to mobile… fewer users are searching from desktops… I think Google are going to work on making mobile use their main focus… But who knows what will happen with the advances in technology we see."


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“I’d like to have my own business… oh and I’ll probably have kids too” *Awww*


If you were a Comic Book villain what would your name/ powers be?

“I actually went on Super Villain Name Generator but I couldn’t seem to get a name that was cool…so I’ve thought about it and I’d probably go with The Assassin… I’ve always wanted to fly and have super speed… I probably shouldn’t say this but I’d also like to rob banks and not get caught!”


Tell me 2 truths and a lie but don’t tell me which one the lie is?

“I once broke a neighbour’s window playing Golf in my garden, I have been on live television, I have a huge collection of Assassin's creed figurines.”

What is success to you?

“Success to me is being able to accomplish a goal that you’ve set yourself and being happy in life!”  


If you could invent a gadget what would it be and why? (give it a name)

“I know they already exist but I’d create a hoverboard but one that you control with your mind… Choosing how high and how fast it goes… As for the name I’d call it Airraid.”


Name a song title that best describes your life.

“As I am a calm person the song I would go for is Waves by Mr Probz. It reminds me of sun sand and sea and that is quite calming.”


Who would you pick to play you in a movie about your life?

“I’d go for Orlando Bloom… I met him once at LAX… we’ve already discussed the role…Me and him are cool now.”




If you were a Man Utd player, what position would you play? And which player would you take over? (Hasan's question!)

“I’d play left wing because my favourite ever player played left wing… He doesn’t play anymore so I wouldn’t be replacing him… long live Ryan Giggs!”


I hope you enjoyed that sit down with our SEO specialist, Taran, you can reach him at taran@winmedia.co.uk for any SEO needs for your brand. (If not for that to reassure him that his answers are not boring like he seems to think!)


Be sure to have a read of some of our other team posts here and here!

POSTED BY: Charlie Parkes - Content & Social Apprentice
POSTED ON: 20th February 2017

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