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Whether you are looking for a brand new logo design or an update to existing branding, Win Media helps you capture exactly what your business is about. Our visual designers love working with passionate businesses and creating solutions that work for you. With all logos’ designed from scratch, you can be confident that your brand is as unique as your business.

Why a logo?

It’s so important that your brand immediately conveys the right message to your customers as to what your company is about. A logo is the platform you use to deliver your core message to your audience and to distinguish your brand from your competitors.

Brand Consistency

A brand isn’t just some colours, typefaces, a logo design and a slogan. A ‘brand’ is the encompassing term for everything you do to provide an identity for your business. Your brand should stimulate and connect with your audience on an emotional level, no matter what your industry.

By delivering a consistent brand message across your marketing platforms, you work to create an identity unique to you.


There are many things to be considered before we can start a branding project. First off, it’s about you, your values and industry. Then comes the competition and context of your audience. All of these elements are building blocks in building your brand.

Win Media specialises in working with business on branding and rebranding projects, and it's something we love doing. We help you get down to the core values and meaning of your business to not only separate your business from the competition but also to build a brand that your audience will love as well.
Here's a little taster of some of our latest logo design & brand identity work. If you like what you see, why not take a closer look at our more comprehensive case studies?


Discover how far your business can go. Win Media provide comprehensive business branding, marketing and online solutions. Talk to us today for a friendly chat: hello@winmedia.co.uk

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