Email Marketing

Nobody likes spam. Email marketing campaigns, actioned incorrectly, can have negative impacts on your brand, particularly from a customer trust perspective. Knowing when and why to send emails to your customer base is the backbone of a successful email campaign.

What is different about Win Media’s approach?

The email marketing campaigns we create place user engagement as the main priority. Ensuring the content within the emails provides clear calls to action and content relevant to their lifestyle/business needs. By sending emails with integrated content, offers and promotions you provide more opportunity for users to interact with the email, so as to successfully convert recipients.

Alongside using existing customer databases, we collect customer data from your website through effective strategies, encouraging more users to sign up for direct emails. By studying the user engagement from current campaigns and their interaction with the website, we continually work to improve the performance of future campaigns.

The importance of mobile

Email marketing has been around for years yet responsive mobiles and tablets have provided a whole new arena for direct mail success. With more users now active on mobile devices rather than desktop computers, we craft responsive email designs that allow your campaigns to successfully interact with your customers, no matter what their device.

How do I get started?

Win Media can help you get your email marketing off the ground, offering set-up, guidance and full management. We have an experienced email marketing team, here to ensure your campaigns are successful and connect you with your customers. Contact us today to find out more.



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