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Why Should Content Marketers take notes from Online Influencers and Bloggers?

Why Should Content Marketers take notes from Online Influencers and Bloggers?

The influx of ‘Bloggers’ has soared from travel blogs to beauty blogs the blogging industry is huge. But what makes them so successful? Many of them have built their brand up from their personality and content alone so should brands be taking note from these new age stars?


Content Marketing is huge with a reported 80% of B2B marketers having a content strategy in place but Marketers often fall where bloggers rise so where are we going wrong?


Most Bloggers started their blogs as regular people with regular jobs who have a passion for what they’re writing about.There’s no brand name attached to it and unless it’s a sponsored post you know most of the time it’s their own words, views and opinions. These people grow bonds with their readers and I think they have a level of trust brands may never replicate but instead can turn into a new form of marketing.


As a consumer, I often find it discouraging when products or services are pushed in my face by brands and the majority of the time I know what’s being described has probably been meticulously planned months ago in a boardroom full of business professionals so it can be hard to resonate with adverts and promotions, sometimes.


Whereas if you compare that to a blogger telling me I need to buy something or just how amazingsomething is I often believe them and find myself buying things they recommend.


I think what I’m saying is that you have got to have a personal touch with what you’re  promoting and don’t try and oversell something because consumers will see right through it and probably look to their favourite bloggers for a real review!


These online stars are often sharing a multitude of things on Social Media, go to Twitter you’ll see a link to their newest blog post, go to Snapchat you see them going about their day-to-day lives. Every Social Network you go to you will notice these influencers sharing selective parts of their life to add to their personal brand and appeal.


As a brand this is a little harder- especially if there’s no real ‘face’ to your brand but you can definitely implement some tips such as creating a brand voice on social media. Posting on Social Media in a voice that mirrors your target audience will have a positive impact and build a rapport between you and your social media following  I have gone into this a little more on this post.


A lot of these Bloggers were writing blogs for years before making it a full time job so they know that Social Media success doesn’t always happen overnight. You may expect to set up your brand’s Facebook page and wake up to a million likes but these things take time. You must create content that captivates consumers enough to follow your brand and consistency is key!


You may not think you have anything to learn from people who film their life for the internet or get paid to put makeup on their face but even if your brand doesn’t relate directly you have to admire their talent of creating a brand for themselves.


What to take:

  • Stay consistent- Keep posting even if you think your accounts aren’t getting the results you want people will start to notice you!
  • Post quality content- it’s good to stay consistent but don’t post for the sake of it create content that’s engaging and worth the time to both produce and read.
  • Be patient- Like I said, often Bloggers will write their blogs for years before it becomes a full time job. Your company blog may not drive sales up or bring in 1000% more traffic over night but with patience and good quality content you will notice more and more people coming to your blog.
  • Create a brand voice- Post on as many Social Media networks as you find relevant and create a brand voice that reflects your tone whether it be formal or chatty find a voice that brings your brand to life.
  • Have some personality!- Consumers love people who are down to earth and relatable if you can make yourself appear that way online your potential customers will find you more relatable and engaging. This also allows you to build a rapport with your audience. It’s important to remember 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others so it can really make a positive impact as a brand.
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