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Bonnie XO are a bespoke and unique lipstick and cosmetics online store. The midlands based company offer customers the chance to design and customise their bespoke lipstick, ranging from colour, appearance and fragrance.

Win Media was approached to help develop the online solution as well as bring the brand forward to attract a largely female audience, whilst also appearing to the more niche male market..

DESIGN & Marketing

To help improve the overall awareness alongside the launch of the brand, Win Media designed and arranged press adverts and magazine features for Bonnie XO. The paper adverts saw significant success with clear interest and response.

A predominantly female audience, adverts were featured in a range of style magazines and online publications to attract a high conversion audience. Alongside press adverts several local advertising campaigns were launched in tandem to improve local awareness. Bus stops and billboards afforded Bonnie XO the opportunity to reach a wide demographic audience.

As a new website with a low website presence, direct advertising was necessary to build this brand awareness and encourage users to visit the site. The individuality of the brand allowed Win Media to create adverts that engaged with customers on an emotional level. Encouraging customers to find and choose ‘their style’ and a product unique to them.


As a new brand, hitting the correct tone for the website was key. Bonnie XO were keen to steer clear of stock based photography in favour of their own photoshoots to really develop the appearance of the brand. Win Media provided a full photography service for the website, sourcing models as well as all editing of shots.

The imagery was used for marketing solutions both on and offline. The brand now boasts a vast collection of internal imagery to use for future campaigns, rather than relying on stock based solutions. The photo's have brought real value to the brand by being able to hit a consistent tone with all marketing material.


As a solely online business, Bonnie XO required a dynamic web solution. With a rapidly growing online market, the website needed to work fluidly across all devices. Ensuring user journey was swift, easy and contingent across platforms, browsers and devices was key to cracking the online market.

Clear calls to action, easy to use navigation and a fun experience for users. The site has seen fantastic user response with average times on site hitting well over 3 minutes, a low bounce rate due to the direct marketing campaigns and a growing web presence organically even without an active Online Marketing outreach thanks to the shareability of the brand.

WEBSITE ADMIN & Shopping Cart

Not just a pretty face. As a full online solution, Bonnie XO also required a reliable, well structured Consumer Resource System. A CRM system allowed Bonnie XO to manage the online shop directly from the administration of the website. With this effective solution, admin users are able to managed orders, customer data and customised products

LIPSTICK COLOUR PICKER & Bepoke Configuration Tool

Allowing users to create their lipstick, and see their product live on site. Win Media developed this bespoke solution to allow customers to really create their personal lipstick and see it in-situ. A unique online experience which allowed Bonnie XO to market the website effectively to their target audience.

Rather than just a basic colour list and fragrance choices, the Face Colour Picker adds an additional element to the user conversion journey.

The page has witnessed impressive user engagement results and attracts a wide organic, direct and social audience thanks to the unique experience it provides.

RESULTS & Feedback

Since the launch of the website, Win Media has helped Bonnie XO steer their online and offline marketing to begin attracting a steady organic audience. The brand, whilst young, offers a unique fashion product. Win Media utilised this unique selling point to excel online marketing campaigns.

Results from the launch have been impressive, with the site now receiving regular monthly visitor numbers and seeing steady growth as the outreach and presence of the brand increases. Win Media maintains a firm grasp on the brand's perception online ensuring brand tone is kept contingent with all branding and promotional material.


Month on Month
Traffic Growth


Bounce Rate





Client Feedback

Win Media worked alongside our team to bring our vision to life. The bespoke online solution they provided excelled our expectations and really brought value to our brand.

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