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5 Social Media Hacks to Boost Interaction in 2017

5 Social Media Hacks to Boost Interaction in 2017

I’m sure you all know by now how important Social Media is for you and your brand. However, many brands struggle to make the step from having a live social profile to getting real customer engagement. Wondering what are some ways to boost interaction? It’s a new year and time to get people talking! Here are my five tips on boosting interaction on Social Media.

  1. Implement a Social Media Review

Have a look at analytics (most Social Media platforms have an analytics feature built in) see what posts are performing best and build from that. Did you post a quote picture that received a lot of interaction? Or maybe everybody loves seeing behind the scene office posts, find what people enjoy and make a feature of it. For example you could do a #QOTD (quote of the day) segment or get team members to take photos and tweet from the office. By actively reviewing campaign performance you can identify what areas of quality to take from past posts and re-implement them for future campaigns.

  1. Make Posts More Fun & Engaging

In a sea of monotonous paragraphs be a GIF! GIF’s are a fun way of making something that may be slightly boring? Into something that’s engaging and eye catching. People like to laugh and adding GIF’s or videos is a way of bringing some entertainment into subjects that may not always be necessarily exciting for some.


Alongside that, Video Marketing is huge and only expected to rise in 2017 so why not get involved now. If you’re feeling especially fun why not use the ‘Live’ features that are appearing on Social Media, you could make it a weekly occurrence, maybe show viewers a glimpse of a day in the life in the office?


In terms of Facebook’s news feed algorithm is more likely to show users Live videos first followed by regular videos>photos>status updates>links. So why not make 2017 the year you share less and Go Live more?

  1. Follow! Follow! Follow!

Looking to boost your following? Why not source 50 relevant people to follow, chances are you’ll get at least half follow you back and you can always unfollow people who don’t or aren’t relevant. It’s an easy way of networking with new accounts and if you interact with some of their posts you are more likely to receive some interaction back.

  1. Spark Friendly Debate

You might have saw posts like “Caption This” or “React to Vote” on Social Media. They’re a great way of getting a discussion going on your page and something that I’ve noticed that has made this tactic even more effective is using the ‘Live’ feature within this.


We know that ‘Live’ ranks high in Facebook’s algorithm o why not take that and combine with a concept that receives a lot of interaction.


Take “YouPic” as an example, they did a simple live video asking users to react to the kinds of cameras they prefer. As users vote the numbers of votes for each camera shows, also adding a competitive element and sparking debate “how can people like ___ more than ____” In turn encouraging users to share the posts with their friends or talking in the comments section.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 15.20.26.png


I think the visual aspect of this video makes it a lot more appealing. If they posted “What kind of camera do you prefer” I’m not sure they would have received the same kind of response as they did with this ‘Live’ video.

  1. Focus on Good Customer Service.

Millennials turn to the internet for reviews, news, shopping and pretty much everything else in between so creating a rapport with your followers is more important than ever. Research suggests 66% of customers will switch to a competitor if they receive poor customer service. Why not run a competition or interact with followers online and over half expect a reply within an hour. Users often use Social Media as a medium to vent or express complaints which can become damaging for your image. Always try and reply as soon as possible or maybe set up an automated response for when you’re not around?


You’ll see here that TGI Friday’s respond to comments users leave on their posts, even if it isn’t a direct comment to them. This adds a personalised element and encourages users that they read and take on board people’s comments.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 15.46.58.png

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